About my work

In my work, I contemplate my experience of being in the world, and explore the multi-dimensional nature of that world. I attempt to do this through a figurative and often narrative style, with much use of symbols and allegory. The themes examined often have a significant autobiographical content, and the nature of connections, including one’s relationship with oneself, is a frequent subject.

The primary medium for my work is oils on canvas, with printed matter, photographs and other objects sometimes subsumed into the plastic surface of the painting. The inclusion of such items not only hints at alternative aspects of the phenomenon being explored, but can also contribute to the structure and form of the painting as well as emphasizing the importance to me of the paint surface. In this way, I attempt to build up multi-layered signifiers, but just as in our quotidian experience, not all of these signifiers may be valid and some may even mislead!

My long fascination with Art History and the History of Ideas is reflected in the wide range of source material in my work, from the Sienese painters of the 14th century, through the painters of the Northern Renaissance to 20th century artists as diverse as Max Beckmann and Balthus, along with some contemporary British painters working in figurative and/or narrative styles such as Steven Campbell, Peter Howson and Bill Jacklin. I also frequently allude to literary and musical sources, along with technical data and scientific concepts, hinting at the various levels of reality inherent within a single phenomenon.